A brand gets :10 seconds to make a lasting
impression, to differentiate or disappear.
Our firm was named in recognition of this reality.

Inspired by the Giacometti legacy of powerful
artistic images, we sculpt brands that stimulate
the mind & delight the senses.

As award-winning marketing specialists,
we deliver unified brand messages that
measurably motivate your markets.

Building Bankable Brands is our motto.
It’s a :10 second world . . . let’s get your
brand up to speed today.


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Ten Second World Inc. is a leading marketing firm specializing in building bankable brands for life style & life science businesses. The Brand Experience Guide™, a proprietary communications product created by Donatella Giacometti, delivers quantifiable results to CEOs, CMOs & HR executives. Integrated multimedia services include advertising, investor & public relations, web development & employee communications designed to increase productivity & generate revenues for international, publicly-traded companies.
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